Saturday, 23 November 2013

How did she deal with Entrepreneurship Challenges – Meet Masooma Sibtain

Whether one is in the corporate sector or working in the academics, the urge to be your boss is very tempting.  Self employment offers all the benefits of being independent, creative and loving what you do. The same was the case with Masooma Sibtain, a spirited entrepreneur from the small city of Multan, who started her journey in 1995. She is now the owner of “Trends Boutique” – when in fact she first sought architecture and then became a teacher.

There has been a significant growth in female self-employment, with women now starting new ventures at a higher rate than men. Female entrepreneurs differ from males, in terms of motivation, business skills and occupation.

“Trends” is a collection of stitched and un-stitched dress material for women aged 16 to 50. The product line consists of eastern as well as western outfits designed with a fusion of embellishments in order to promote the skills of the artisans with innovation for a different look ranging from Rs 2000 to Rs 100,000.
For Masooma, being a woman and in a small city at the time, the challenges were mostly economic – that is the scarcity of resources, availability of skilled labor, and no consultation companies. But that didn’t stop her, “Trends” started as a home business from Masooma’s drawing room with a collection of 35 designs that she made from scratch and a startup capital of only 550 USD. Masooma used her unique talents to train her workers to produce quality material.

The recent boom in social media has been kind to “Trends”, providing it with an opportunity to reach customers all over the world. Masooma uses this tool effectively, alongside other mediums of promotion, to increase popularity and sales.

Trends is currently providing employment to 120 workers and owns two flagship stores in Multan, also its products are exported to UK, USA, Dubai as well as India.

Masooma says that “Well I am proud to say that my boutique has a reputation of being the pioneer of boutiques in south Punjab and it is renowned of being a fashion house bursting with creativity. For my clients it is a place where a very large variety of designs is available in compatible prices, giving them a different look.”

Masooma is firm believer in genuine effort, hard work, motivation and dedication. Her faith is that once you strive for something you have confidence in, God will open up many paths for you to walk on.